Blasé Holiday Decorating

This is the first Winter Solstice and Christmas in the new house. However, it’s going to be a low key event as my mother has decided not to visit and Melissa will be travelling. As it turns out it is just Nora-Grace and myself. My mother is feeling overwhelmed with going through her belongings and trying to […]

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I found a wonderful short film by Erik Wernquist. It’s a fantastic and brilliant look at our future possibilities and what we are capable of. I find it a refreshing positive outlook on the human species considering all the negative things happening in the world and what is presented in television and movies. What also makes […]

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Making Progress

Aside from the silly emotions or lack there of, various projects have been going on. Last month we decided to clean out the green house. When it was moved it was placed haphazardly on its “foundation” and then filled with stuff. The green house is placed on an old cement pad that was once the […]

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Mixed Emotions

It is said buying a home, your first home is exciting. You supposedly are excited and ready to dive in to unpacking and all the various and endless projects of making the place yours. I have to admit I had the opposite effect and I honestly am not entirely sure as to why. I have […]

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The Wise Are Silent

Hello. I can hardly believe that so much time has passed since my last post. Much has transpired in the time of my disappearance. I really don’t know what to say about why I vanished, but simply I went into a funk after purchasing the house. One would think I would have been excited, but […]

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New Home

It’s official, I’m a homeowner! The closing was in the morning and only took about 45 minutes to complete. I immediately visited the town hall and had the utilities changed over in my name and then met the previous owners at the house who then took me out for an early lunch. Wasn’t that nice […]

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A Question

I’m curious to know if while visiting this blog if you know where to go to leave a comment? It’s the little plus sign, in a comment bubble at the bottom right of this post. Is this intuitive? Someone recently mentioned to me that this new template doesn’t make it obvious where one may make a comment […]

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It Has Begun

So it has begun. The endless packing is upon us. My roommate has packed quite a bit of her belongings already because she is leaving for France on the 16 May and won’t be here for the actual move. Convenient, no? Her trip was already planned before the idea of purchasing a house popped in […]

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Moving Along

We had some wicked weather this weekend with a few tornado’s touching down in towns near to us, but thankfully none actually upon us. This house has stood for 129 years so the likely hood of one coming directly through this area is slim based on that (I hope). This past Friday I began to dig […]

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Everything is Fine!

The process of buying a home is long and laborious! I had the inspection done on the home last week and there were some surprises. Apparently the front porch has structural problems and a few other problems I feel should be addressed by the owner. I received noticed the appraisal review was completed and the […]

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Musings in the Garden

The garden is transforming almost everyday it seems. It’s wonderful to see everything growing a little bit everyday after such a long winter. The weather has be rather warm, but then out of nowhere last night it dropped to 33 f. / 1 c.! I think tonight I will need to bring in some of the […]

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