New Garden Edition

This past weekend we finally managed to construct a feature I have talked about before here on this blog. The “Arc de Gourd” was created! However, it is no longer the “Arc de Gourd” as it has become (drum roll)… The “Arc de Bougainvillea!” This is our tribute to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. […]

Garden Expanding

In just a little over a month the potager is beginning to fill out nicely. Some of the vegetables aren’t doing so well such as the Jalapenõs and Bell peppers. I think it may be the poor quality of the soil because it wasn’t amended enough. The corn is getting on well. It was slow going […]

Out of Time

The garden work has come to an end for awhile because I am out of time! This coming weekend is the last weekend I have to finish my mothers room and to get a few things organised for her arrival, which by they way involves me having to fly to Florida and drive her up […]