The landscaper still has not got back in touch with me. I will have to send him another message to prod him along. The ground is still a little damp to do what is needed, but he certainly could begin dismantling the front walk. My mother is moving in around the end of May. I found […]

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Continuing Projects

I have been working on various projects this past weekend. Last weekend I was intending on finishing the closet, but there was a wee bit of a problem. I experienced my very first new home owner disaster, so to speak. There is a plumbing access panel in my bedroom closet. It was poorly made and […]

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They Are Talking

Something most people would agree on is the amazing sense of being one gets when visiting a forest. It’s alive. No, I mean, it IS ALIVE. They talk to one another in hushed tones. You know they do. Walk through a forest and you can almost hear it. Perhaps you have experienced it or perhaps […]

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To Paint or Not To Paint

The question is should I paint some of the floors? One of the things that I wished I could have done when I purchased this home was to have the floors refinished before moving in. The cost for such an endeavor made it not possible and it will remain not possible for sometime. The floors are […]

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Garden Planning

I have been having a tough time deciding on a plan for the back garden. I think the main problem for me has been the lay of the land, so to speak. Quite simply the yard is a mess. There are craters from trees that were removed long ago and large ruts from the roofers […]

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Greenhouse Alterations

  Lately have been thinking about the new garden and all that needs to be done. Essentially, I’m all over the map when it comes to deciding what to do first. There is too much to do! However, this evening while at work I decided to focus on the greenhouse. Who know’s what I will […]

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Happy New Year!

It has been a long break from reality and it will be difficult returning to work this Monday after 12 days off, but such is this paradigm. Tomorrow I shall begin the clean up and take down the holiday ornaments and put them away for another year, but at this moment the lights are on […]

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Blasé Holiday Decorating

This is the first Winter Solstice and Christmas in the new house. However, it’s going to be a low key event as my mother has decided not to visit and Melissa will be travelling. As it turns out it is just Nora-Grace and myself. My mother is feeling overwhelmed with going through her belongings and trying to […]

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I found a wonderful short film by Erik Wernquist. It’s a fantastic and brilliant look at our future possibilities and what we are capable of. I find it a refreshing positive outlook on the human species considering all the negative things happening in the world and what is presented in television and movies. What also makes […]

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Making Progress

Aside from the silly emotions or lack there of, various projects have been going on. Last month we decided to clean out the green house. When it was moved it was placed haphazardly on its “foundation” and then filled with stuff. The green house is placed on an old cement pad that was once the […]

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Mixed Emotions

It is said buying a home, your first home is exciting. You supposedly are excited and ready to dive in to unpacking and all the various and endless projects of making the place yours. I have to admit I had the opposite effect and I honestly am not entirely sure as to why. I have […]

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