Garden Expanding

In just a little over a month the potager is beginning to fill out nicely. Some of the vegetables aren’t doing so well such as the Jalapenõs and Bell peppers. I think it may be the poor quality of the soil because it wasn’t amended enough. The corn is getting on well. It was slow going […]

Out of Time

The garden work has come to an end for awhile because I am out of time! This coming weekend is the last weekend I have to finish my mothers room and to get a few things organised for her arrival, which by they way involves me having to fly to Florida and drive her up […]

Potager Potted

The potager has finally taken shape… not exactly the symmetry I was after since it was done free-hand and without chalk lines, but it does look good and it has plenty of space for planting! A variety of vegetables, herbs and flowering plants have been planted with room for a little more. I feel each […]